Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Democrats Election To Lose

Despite the recent bounce in the polls for Bush/Cheney, the majority of Americans still feel the country is heading in the wrong direction. Why do they feel this way? Simple. They have been bombarded with disinformation from the Democrats and an increasingly biased Old Media. Because of this, George W. Bush ought to be staring defeat in the face, but he isn't. The Democrats have blown a golden opportunity; they nominated the worst political candidate I have ever seen in my life: the "electable" John Forbes Kerry.
John Edwards may have won, even though he's nothing more than a vacuous pretty boy and political lightweight. Joe Lieberman would have won; hell, Howard Dean would be doing better than Kerry!
So on behalf of the Republican Party, I would like to thank the Iowa Democrats for ensuring John Kerry's nomination. You have, unwittingly, performed a great service to your country. Just like those Florida Democrats who accidently voted for Pat Buchanan four years ago.


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