Friday, September 17, 2004

Curious & Curiouser

CBS News revealed on Wednesday that they had SIX, not four, alleged Killian memos. We in the blogosphere have known this for a week. USA Today had all six memos in PDF format on their website. Strangely, USAT removed the “extra” memos from the file over the weekend; however, last time I checked, they had replaced one of them. What’s going on here?
Here’s what I think happened: instead of hiring one top-notch expert to look at all the memos, CBS News cherry-picked SIX experts, one for each memo. Three of the experts have confirmed this: Marcel Matley, Emily Will and Linda James. Matley only verified the accuracy of the signature, not the entire memo he was “assigned” to. Emily Will warned CBS News not to go on air with these memos.
Why would CBS News do it this way? Because they suspected the memos were forgeries. So they discarded the memos rejected by Will and James, but went with the other four. If someone gives you six twenty dollar bills and you discover that two of them are counterfeits, aren’t you going to suspect the other four?
This is no longer a question of CBS News and Dan Rather being duped. They are willing accomplices.
Earlier this week, Newsweek fingered one Bill Burkett as CBS News’ “unimpeachable source.” He’s harbored a long-standing grudge against Bush. Yesterday we learned that the memos were faxed to CBS News from a Kinkos in Abilene, TX. Burkett lives in Baird, TX, just 21 miles from Abilene. Burkett has a standing account at that particular Kinko’s.
Burkett’s attorney, David Van Os, denied his client had anything to do with the memos. Van Os is an interesting character. Here’s is bio. You’ll notice he has been an important official in the Travis County Austin), TX Democrat Party. By coincidence, Robin Rather, daughter of Dan, is a well-known political activist in Texas, and is also an official in the Travis county Democrat Party. She is also a likely candidate for Austin Mayor in 2006. Four years ago she invited her famous father to a fundraiser there, where he would almost certainly have met another top official in that local party: Ben Barnes.
Dan Rather failed to mention that Barnes has raised over $500,000 for the Democrat Party, and is the nation’s third largest individual Kerry campaign fundraiser. He is also vice-chairman of the Kerry campaign. (when it was discovered that the SwiftVets were partially funded by a Houston Republican, it was enough for the mainstream media, including Dan Rather, to dismiss the SwiftVets out of hand)
A few days ago I was about 75% sure that Karl Rove was behind all this. Now I think that’s highly unlikely. All leads point to the Travis County Democrats and, by extension, the DNC.


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