Monday, August 30, 2004

What Do They Really Think Of Kerry?

I happen to believe that your average Liberal is an honest and decent person; so at what point does the Liberal throw up his/her hands in disgust at John Forbes Kerry? Those Liberals who dominate the mainstream media aren't necessarily honest and decent. Most of them are partisan hacks; however, even they must be at least having doubts about Kerry.
I predict that once it becomes clear that Kerry cannot win the election, the media will turn on him with a vengeance; venting all of their pent up anger and frustration on him. I believe this will happen about six weeks before election day. There's a Pullitzer Prize awaiting the first New York Times or Washington Post reporter to set aside his/her political agenda and thoroughly investigate Kerry's war record.
And what of Kerry's own campaign staff? They have spent the past few weeks frantically plugging holes in Kerry's disintegrating reputation. They are privy to far more embarrassing information than the rest of us. Are they beginning to look askance at their candidate? This is bound to be undermining the morale and enthusiasm of Kerry campaign workers across the nation.


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